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San Carlos Carpet Cleaning

Have the carpets of your home or apartment lost their previous softness and fullness? As careful as you may want to be with your carpets they will eventually need a deep cleaning to bring them back to their original splendor. One of the reasons for this actually comes out of the greatest advantage a carpet has to offer: carpets filter your home. Carpets trap not only visible stains like food in the fibers but also the dust, dirt and bacteria in your air. When the air in the room is calm, the particles in the air sink into the carpet and become trapped, effectively cleaning the air in your residence. However, a carpet can only hold in so much dust before regular foot traffic starts to bring it back up. Furthermore, the dirt and debris in the air can, overtime, damage the fibers in the carpet if not cleaned fairly regularly.

To make sure the air in your San Carlos home is clean it is important to certify that your carpets are as well. TriStar Carpet Cleaning will gladly come to your residence and deep clean your wall to wall carpeting. Fully insured and licensed we know how to clean any type of carpet quickly and efficiently. For our customers that are concerned with their impact on the environment we have Green Seal Approved organic methods that do not use chemicals so you can have your carpets cleaned without disturbing your peace of mind.